Meet Tyson

For a few years before AJ and JJ were born, Josh and I had a retired racing greyhound named Madison.  She was already more than 10 years old by the time we took her in and she sadly died of old age shortly after we learned we were expecting AJ and JJ.  Even in the short couple years we had together I became very fond of the breed and I always told myself if we ever had another dog it would be a greyhound.



For the last couple years the boys have been bugging us about getting a dog.  After the holidays we could stall no longer and contacted an agency that specializes in fostering greyhounds.  I felt this would be a good trial period to make sure that DJ and MJ were okay around dogs and vice versa.

DJ, AJ and...TJ!

DJ, AJ and…TJ!

Tyson Jo (TJ for short, ha!) is a male greyhound almost 3 years of age that raced at a dog track.  He had a short but reasonably successful career winning 8 of the 52 races he ran in.  Below are video replay links to the races he won!  He retired last year and has been waiting for adoption for several months in a kennel.  We took him in and introduced him to his first house a couple weeks ago and he has adapted remarkably well to the environment.  Of course, the kids have quickly become attached and AJ in particular loves this dog.  It looks like this foster situation is quickly evolving into a forever home.

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Race 5

Race 6

Race 7

Race 8