Their fashion may be cutting edge, but their opinions are from the dark ages.

Their fashion may be cutting edge, but their opinions are from the dark ages.

Last week, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana gave an interview and made comments that prove gay people can be haters just like anybody else.

“We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one.”

“No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed.”

Dolce added that procreation “must be an act of love”, saying: “You are born to a mother and a father – or at least that’s how it should be.
“I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Rented uterus, semen chosen from a catalog.”

Gabbana added: “The family is not a fad. In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.”

After Elton John started a twitter campaign to #BoycottDolceGabbana over the weekend, now Dolce and Gabbana are trying to walk back there comments claiming that they were just speaking on their own experience and not judging others.

Gabbana said in a statement Sunday that “it was never our intention to judge other people’s choices. We do believe in freedom and love.”

Dolce says he was expressing his view about family based on his experience growing up in a traditional Sicilian family “made up of a mother, a father and children. I am very well aware of the fact that there are other types of families and they are as legitimate as the one I’ve known.”

Dolce said he was expressing his personal views “without judging other people’s choices.”

Guys, don’t bother.  There is no way your global statements last week against gay adoptions, “synthetic” IVF and non-traditional families can be interpreted as non-judgmental.  You called Elton John unintelligent today and you must think there are lots of other stupid people that will accept your feeble explanations.  And no apology will ever reverse the damage that has been done with your offensive statements.  You have lost customers for life.  Just like I have walked past Barilla pasta on sale dozens of times and then paid more for other brands, I will never buy another item from your brand ever again.  Now that you have exercised your right to speak your mind, I will be exercising my rights as a consumer and choose to give my money to better people.  Instead of spending all this energy toward damage control, your time would probably be better spent designing a line for the paragons of fashion NOM staffers that share your philosophy.

NOM Founder Maggie Gallagher dressed like this on national television. Maybe she'll buy D&G

NOM Founder Maggie Gallagher dressed like this on national television. Maybe she’ll buy D&G

8 thoughts on “#BoycottDolceGabbana

  1. I came here because you seemed to be level-headed in your responses over at Askthebigot’s blog, but here you show none of that self-control and launch a tirade, personally attacking these two men as ‘haters’ though they do not personally attack anyone and their language is restrained.

    I’m still hopeful though. Could you explain what hate is to me?

    • SS,

      I explained in my comment on the other blog that my statements there defer to the guidelines of the moderator calling for critical thinking with no personal attacks. Her house, her rules.

      I also mentioned that I reserve the right to express my own personal emotions on my own personal blog. My house, my rules.

      In response to your facetious final question, I would answer that my emotional response has less to do with what is said about me and my partner. “IMHO” used all sorts of hyperbolic unrestrained language in her tirade against me on the other blog and I didn’t flinch. My emotional and parental response has more to do with what is said about my children. I point you to an expanded quote by D&G from the same Panorama piece:

      “I’m not convinced by those I call the children of chemicals; synthetic children. Wombs for rent; sperm chosen from a catalogue. Psychiatrists are not ready to confront the effects of this experimentation.”

      Let me be clear for the confused. You can say what you want about me and I will be just fine. But mock my children calling them “synthetic” and likely mentally ill, whether it be in the schoolyard or on the internet media, and I reserve the right to respond emotionally and do what I can to protect my children and cultivate a better world for them to grow up in.

  2. Sir,

    Indeed you did, and perhaps I was unfair to you with the set of expectations I brought to your corner of the internet. If so, I apologize.

    What I do take issue with, is your description of my question. I was serious, and it was for a purpose. These debates and these social changes will have far-reaching impacts both on individuals and societies. It is important we tread carefully and respectfully. We’ve both had examples of the other side charging full tilt at our statements. And, I do apologize about IMHO. She does not hold herself to the standards Askme and I do.

    Since I have come here looking for intellectual conversation without asking, I will stop here and ask as I should’ve and give you full control of the conversation.

    • SS,

      You are obviously someone with a good command of the English language. From someone like you, a simple question asking me to explain what hate is can easily be seen as rather flippant.

      If you meant to ask me about my choice of language using the word “haters”, my serious response would be to acknowledge that it is indeed casual name calling. I think it suits the emotional context of what I wrote, and I’m not going to repeat myself and justify my emotions to you.

      You are welcome to peruse the rest of this blog if it helps you understand that it is meant to be a personal diary, a family photo album, and a source of inspiration and support for an audience that is anticipated to largely consist of like minded individuals. You are probably the first visitor to comment that has not been a friend, family member, or someone interested in finding out more information about gay parenting, gay adoption, surrogacy, or twin parenting. This is not set up to be debate club like the other blog.

      With regard to IMHO, there is no need for you to apologize for her unless you somehow have some sort of control over her behavior. Ms. Faust is another story, though. That blog is her domain and she is very clear in her ground rules at the top of the page that personal attacks will not be tolerated and will result in bans. I strongly suspect that IMHO is one of the people that Ms. Faust writes with, and allowing her friend IMHO to make nasty accusations of murder, rape, and slavery toward other commenters anonymously and completely unfettered while banning other people she doesn’t know and/or doesn’t agree with for similar or lesser offenses can easily be interpreted as hypocrisy.

  3. Sir,

    Perhaps I will read the rest of your blog someday, but you are correct that my purpose is not similar to your usual visitor. I am from the ‘other side’ is one way to put it. The debates of same-sex marriage, third party reproduction, etc are issues that have grabbed my attention and I have been gathering knowledge on them. Yet, it wasn’t until I found Askme’s blog that I realized my behavior toward the opposition was in danger of being stained with poor self-discipline. So, I have started commenting on her blog to interact with the opposition with the intent to master grace and respect in conversation.

    In regards to IMHO, I am not in control of her behavior, but I apologize in the same way that a bad event strikes a fellow human. IMHO is a long-time commentor, but I don’t know how close she is to Askme. And, the lax of banning seems to be equally applied with guitaristbl trolling. That’s part of the reason I came here. This last article has generated an usual amount of viciousness I haven’t seen before with the usual stability being buried beneath all of this bile and ignorance.

    Still, you have been clear what the purpose of your blog is and so, I’ll take my leave of you. Good-bye.

    • SS,

      I appreciate your effort to remain respectful.

      Guitaristbl falls into the trap of calling people “bigots” giving people opportunity to cry foul and complain about how horribly abusive LGBT advocates are. It’s an easy mistake given that Ms. Faust practically invites people to employ this language in the blog title. IMHO has similarly tried to goad me into dismissing her as a “liar” or “crazy” but I will not play into this game in a forum that I know to be at its heart hostile to my family.

  4. Gay men are allowed to disagree with other gay men. The fact these men are open minded and understand the importance of a normal family dynamic is astounding. With how rich these men are, they could have had 10 top-notch surrogate children, easy, with tons of donor breastmilk, nannies, and pride outfits, but they put those desires aside for what’s best for the kids. You can boycott all day long, hasn’t stopped Ender’s Game, Chick Fi La, or Starbucks, and it won’t stop these two men either .

    • I am allowed to disagree with other gay men by choosing to give my money to someone else. I don’t have any illusions that my two cents are going to “stop” multimillion dollar companies. “One Million Moms” fully understand that their boycotts have very little economic impact and are more about political statements. P.S. Ender’s Game bombed at the box office (probably because it sucked more than because of any boycott.)

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