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No, we are not geologists.  Josh and I (David) met more than 20 years ago as part of a group that used to hang out in IRC chat rooms and the clubs of NYC.  As a RHPS fan, my internet nickname has always been “Rocki.”  Josh has always gone by “Ledge.”

We eventually migrated down to Florida as New Yorkers are wont to do, and made a home together.  Josh is a newspaper editor and I am a mental health professional.  Throughout our relationship, we have always talked about having children.  However, our new home state prohibited gay people from adopting at the time that we felt prepared to be parents.  Josh discovered an agency in California that specialized in assisting gay couples through the process of gestational surrogacy.  After a whirlwind 18 month process, we were blessed with twin sons in 2007.

Being new parents brought us great joy, and I originally set up this simple website for the purpose of posting brag photo albums shortly after AJ and JJ were born.  The website fell into disuse a few years back when I discovered Facebook could keep our friends and family updated as well.  Maybe too updated?  I always wondered if posting too much about our day to day life was clogging people’s feeds in a manner that was annoying.  Similarly, I refrained from getting too political on Facebook to avoid offending anyone and getting unfriended.  Thus, I re-launched this blog in January 2013 with the stated purpose of serving as a repository for all the photos and details the curious may seek, and as an outlet for my musings about our special situation as gay parents.

In the spring of 2013 I posted a series of updates to slowly reveal our next great adventure.  We endeavored upon another gestational surrogacy process, but this time overseas in India.  Again, we had the fortune of getting “pregnant” on our first try.  And again, we were expecting twins.  We chronicled our travels to Mumbai, India to be present for the birth of our children DJ and MJ in July 2013.  Now that we have gone through the gestational surrogacy process twice, both domestically and internationally, to create our family with two sets of twins, I think we can consider ourselves rather experienced.  Moving forward, I think we have valuable information to share with others interested in or newer to gestational surrogacy, gay parenting, and caring for multiple multiples.

On a rafting trip in 1997 shortly after we met

On a rafting trip in 1997 shortly after we met

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