Happy Holidays at Decade’s End

At the end of this year and decade, we have had the opportunity to host both sides of our extended family at our home in Florida.

First, my parents, sister and brother in law came down to visit for Thanksgiving week. It was great seeing the little cousins all playing together. They will soon be joined by two more, as my sister and brother are expecting twins! Only 13 years ago I don’t think my parents could have imagined that their gay son and their single daughter approaching 30 would someday give them so many grandchildren. Surrogacy and IVF are beautiful things.

Next, Josh’s brother Robert drove his family down to visit for the week of Hanukkah. It was great for them to spend so much quality time with Josh and Robert’s parents, and I know it lifted Phyllis’ spirits immensely.

At the end of an eventful decade we are most grateful for our growing, happy family. We are hopeful for continued prosperity at home and brighter days for the world at large…

Happy New Year 2020!