Surrogacy and Other Paths to Gay Parenthood

In my previous post, I have alluded to discussions I have had with people extremely critical of us as gay parents through surrogacy. My position is that while questionable surrogacy practices do exist, problematic situations can often be avoided by intended parents who proceed with caution, and prevented by government with regulation that better protects the babies, the surrogates, and the intended parents. I believe that surrogacy when done right can be a positive experience for all involved.

With that said, I recognize and respect the many different paths to parenthood, which can be quite varied for LGBT people from adoption to surrogacy to co-parenting. We recently contributed our story to a book about these many paths to gay parenthood. We are pleased to announce that the book has been picked up by a publisher and will be released next year! I encourage any LGBT people considering their many options in becoming parents to check out the Author website at:

Taking a fair and balanced view of surrogacy is important

Taking a fair and balanced view of surrogacy is important

2 thoughts on “Surrogacy and Other Paths to Gay Parenthood

  1. It’s not discussions with critical and pathologically uninformed people that I brace for. They can easily be avoided. It is the fact that those people may one day want to upset our children. As parents, we end up having to work extra on getting our children prepared and give them the tools to handle the few “bad seeds”…

    • These people aim to affect the sentiment of our society toward gays, and this can have a “top down” influence. Luckily fewer and fewer people are paying attention to these hateful souls, so that influence wanes.

      I agree, our primary directive should be to protect our children!

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